Friday, March 07, 2008

Take it Futher February-2

Not surprisingly, it is no longer February and yet I am still plodding away at my February block. I mentioned previously that I was going for something resembling my memory of the story of the animals on a cruise ship. I couldn't figure out how to embroider a cruise ship so instead I have a sailboat. :)

I need to add a little bit more to this block and then I think I'll let it set for a while because I'm stumped by what else to do to it (and I ought to start on the block for March!). I'd rather like a treasure chest somewhere but I need to think about how I might attempt it.

I find myself frustrated lately because I have so many projects (and school) going at once that I feel like I rarely accomplish anything. I come home from school, anxious to start on a project and then can't bring myself to work on anything. I wonder if I narrowed my focus to one or two things if that would help me? Or do I need to give myself some deadlines? I'm totally stumped by the way my motivation is fine while I'm at school thinking about working on projects but disappears the moment I can actually get to them. The other problem I have is that I often feel guilty doing things for myself because school work is always (!) on my mind. So even when I have a whole day to craft without pressing schoolwork deadlines, I feel bad about it because I know that I'll have papers to write at the end of the semester and it is weighing on me. School is really putting a damper on my fun! Thank goodness for spring break!