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Weaving my First Project on the Louet David

My first project on my new to me Louet David was a set of 3 towels in M&W twill. I liked warping the David following Jane Stafford's instructions (the DVD that normally comes with the loom if you buy it new). The raddle on top of the castle was very nice to work with and easy to sley. I liked being able to stand behind the loom for that process. Winding on went pretty well and tying on did, too. I like Jane's method of tying on and tightening the warp by advancing it, then finalizing the knots. Threading the heddles went very well and was so easy because I could remove the breast beam and sit inside the loom.  The reed was fast and easy to sley, also.  Overall, my tension on this project was much better and more even than it had been on the table loom.

The Finnish Twill pattern from Webs caught my eye so I wound the warp at Christmas while visiting my mom. I got a new warping board from Fiber Artist Supply on Etsy. It is a wonderful piece of equipment!

When I planned t…

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