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The Evolution of the Fractured Quilt

Way back in May of 2014, I tried to start the quilt "Fractured" from Kathy Doughty's book, Making Quilts. I posted on the blog here about how I was stuck and unsure if I had chosen the right fabrics to use together.

Here is a pic of my original plan:

I had decided to use some Kaffe Fasset fabrics mixed with a text print. While I liked the idea, it felt like it wasn't quite working for me. This quilt feels like it should be exuberant and I think the text print reads too much as gray and toned down the exuberance. It might have worked better if it were a type of block where less of the text print were visible.

When I looked at quilts I liked made from this pattern, they were in warmer colors and they were "louder" in their fabric selection.  I talked it over with my friend Cynthia and that helped me move in a direction I was happier with.

I decided that all the blocks would have a purple fabric and each ring of blocks would be a different color: first yellow/…

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