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Running the Table

I completed my first quilting class project, a table runner, a few weeks ago. I am quite satisified with myself. Not only does it look awesome, but it was a great, relaxing experience. The class taught me sewing/quilting skills and also about the problematic nature of my own perfectionism.

What I learned in the class was to be satisfied with my abilities where I am at and not try to be someplace I am not. The teacher's mantra which I continue to use is "Press on." Another useful quilting motto is that if you can't see the mistake from five feet away, you probably don't need to worry about it.

Now I am working on a square quilt for my mom using fabric printed with farm animals. The goats caught my eye, of course. The quilt top is made up of pinwheels staggered with the yellow farm animal blocks. I originally thought I'd give it to her as a wall hanging but it is big enough that maybe it could pass as a throw (a very small one).



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