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Quilting and School

I have survived my first week of my second year in the MA program. So far, I've spent the week teaching Spanish, speaking Portuguese, reading pretty interesting books and dueling with the Bursar's office over my account. My students seem pretty enthused for the most part and are easy to joke with, although I confess, it will take me a while to remember all of their names. The classes I am taking are generally interesting--I'm reading Poe and Borges, for example, but sometimes the classes themselves are boring.

When not in school, I've been reading quilting blogs which inspires me to stop reading and actually get some work done on my own projects.

Flying Geese Inner Border

Quilt Top Wall hanging for quilting class

These are my first flying geese. I am making them for a tea mat for Lucas. He chose the fabrics and the design. Basically, there will be a large square in the middle bordered by the geese and some sort of decorative design in each corner of the square formed with the geese. Then there will be another brown border. We're not really sure what to do with it beyond that as far as adding any applique or quilting designs go. He will be using it to brew and pour tea on, so it's great if it gets some tea stains to add character.

The quilt top for my wall hanging class was just finished last night. I really like it and think it the green binding I bought will pull it together well. I need to get the back and batting cut, baste it and quilt it in the ditch but think I'll wait to quilt it until my Viking comes back.

I've also been taking a hand quilting class which I thought I might enjoy but enjoyed well beyond my expectations. Since we're first-timers, to make it easier on us, we're quilting without batting. We're also quilting from the back to the front because our instructor wanted to mark the design really dark so that we could follow it more easily. I'm finishing up the hand quilting so that we can do trapunto at the next class with our design. I've never used a thimble before but I find the hand quilting to be relaxing and gratifying because I feel like I have more control over following the actual pattern than I sometimes do on my machine because I am still rather inexperienced.

Here are my newest fat quarters! I also found this great applique design I'm looking forward to trying when I have a little more time and a few less projects going all at the same time. As I am still pretty new to quilting, I don't have much of a stash yet, nor many scraps, so I don't have too much guilt about acquiring fabric yet (except for the expense, of course).



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