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Quilted Purse with Mouse Accompaniment

Yesterday I finished my quilted purse at a class I was taking. The bag looks great and I only hope I can make it again someday on my own if I want to. All told, it probably took me 10-11 hours to make. It has both an inner and outer pocket and a zipper. This is my first purse ever and my first time trying to sew a zipper. I love this purse!

While at the quilt shop, my instructor discovered some stowaways hiding in an empty garbage bin. Two of the cutest little gray mice I have ever seen were staring back at us from the bottom of the bin. Seriously, I have never seen such cute mice in my life...they were the whimsical mice of a child's illustrated book. I guess it is appropriate that such whimsical mice would hide out in a quilt shop.



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