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Midterms=Not Much Quilting

It's been a rough week or so with papers and exams and presentations. Thankfully, I only have an exam left this week and two presentations next week and then I get a break (hopefully) from the hard brain labor. One way or another, Thanksgiving break is coming soon and I am ready for it.

Despite the insanity, I have been slowly working on binding a quilt which I hope to finish in a few days (the same hope I had a week ago!).

After finishing a difficult paper on spaces in detective stories, I carved a pumpkin! It's been years since I've carved one and every year I have good intentions but never manage it. I'm glad I pulled it off this time. The squirrels evidently think that the lid is something they'd like to take with them, as every so often, I look out the window and notice that the lid is on crooked!


Angela said…
Blessings on all your school work honey. The prize will be worth it when you reach your goal. That framed scrap of paper will make you so happy.:o)
michael5000 said…
The question of whether to do top quality work or to do MORE work is always a tough one. I try to think of my projects as either "quality" projects or "fast" projects, but the trouble is I often change my mind several times as the project moves forward....
La Manosa said…

Thanks for your encouragement! I think sometimes it is hard to remember that there is an end (diploma) to it all and that I'm nearly 3/4 of the way there!

You're right, I'll be very happy to receive my degree!
La Manosa said…
Hi Michael5000:

Yes, I agree that it often feels as though we have to choose between doing something "well" and doing something "quickly." (Although, I can't say I've finished any of my projects "quickly" at this point).

I suppose there are some projects that are worth putting more effort into than others. I think the most important thing is to feel satisfied with a quilt once you've finished it.
Ming said…
Hmmm...quilting is the thing that takes some time to come. I still have a little quilt I made years ago. With my standard today, it just looks awful! But i like it and I keep it, because I know I did my best. So...just enjoy what you are doing. You might treasure something which is not perfect at all. :)
La Manosa said…

I think you're right about finding satisfaction in knowing that you are doing your best no matter how far from "perfection" that may seem.

I'm realizing that I'm really enthusiastic to try new projects when I can just be excited to learn and not worry about how my project will turn out.


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