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Spill tea on me, I dare you!

I worked like a madwoman to finish Lucas's tea mat this weekend. Now we just need to drink some tea over it. We're both happy with it and I am especially pleased as it is the first project I have attempted without using a pattern. The hardest part of the process was the quilting which was a nightmare because of my machines. I knew that I was still having troubles with the Viking but decided to give it a go anyway. The quilting stitches were all different lengths, the tension varied and then the top thread started breaking so often that I couldn't go on with it. I had to switch to the speed demon Janome...not much fun either. I'm ready to send the Huskystar packing considering that it is a new machine that I've only had since the end of May and it's had problems ever since late June. I don't know if I have a lemon or if the E20 just can't cope with quilting.

I also spent 4 hours at my last Yardbirds class and managed to get the paper pieces sewn together and learned inset seems. It was really difficult sewing over all of those massive seems and I wasn't quite able to get the center lined up properly but I'm still really happy with it. Inset seems were hard but not as bad as I thought they might be. I'm glad I took the class because I learned a lot from it! Now I just need to add two borders to it and the top itself will be done.

I may be posting infrequently over the next two to three weeks because I am in the midst of midterms and have two papers, two presentations and an exam coming up. Lucky me!


michael5000 said…
Holy cow, that star is amazing! There's nothing in the picture to give it sacle -- how big is it? Block sized, or a whole quilt by itself?
La Manosa said…
Hi, thanks for your comment.

The star is around 30 inches square right now, definitely a manageable size for someone like me who is still a beginner. The two borders that will go around it will extend it to about 35 sq in.
Ming said…
You are doing really well and you are not like a beginnger at all! That star is beautiful. It looks like that beautiful flower-bird in paradise which I like very much.:)
La Manosa said…
Hi Ming,

Thanks so much for your comment! I really admire your quilting and appreciate the compliment. You're right, I never noticed before but the center does resemble the Bird of Paradise.

By the way, I was really impressed with your self-portrait quilt. It seems like such a daunting task and it turned out really well.


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