Friday, September 28, 2007

Paper piecing and paranoia

I had my first paper piecing class on Wednesday night for a pattern called Yardbirds Circling the Cat. The moment I saw the sample quilt, I knew I had to enroll in this class. Discovering that I'd learn this technique along the way was a bonus. The first photo is the fruit of my labor--three bird wings. I chose four focus colors in an autumn palette using mostly batiks. Who knew that sewing fabric to paper could be so cool? Seriously, I am loving this class! I've been wanting to make a Christmas tree ornament using this technique but with muslin instead of paper and now I actually know how to do it. I am wondering who thought: I know, I'll sew some fabric to a piece of paper and that will make perfect points. I think I'll have to research the inventor of paper piecing.

Today I am still working on recovering from a cold. My list of remedies includes: sleep, drink tea, watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, read, sleep, quilt, do some (very little) homework, sleep, and have a friend over for dinner and then go bowling, then hopefully sleep again.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Quilt Show Photos Part II

Here are the remaining photos from the show that I have creators and titles for:

Barbara Barrick McKie "Moonlight Sonata"

Susan Brubaker Knapp "Harbinger's Hope"
(Cool 3-D helicopters, or at least, that is what I learned to call them)

Judith Heyward "Hidden Potential"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quilt Show Photos Part I

After some consideration, I decided not to post all of the photos I had taken at the quilt show, as I did not know the names of all of their creators. So I have just decided to post those that I did manage to keep track of:
Diane Berry, Peg Edwards & Lisa Teichmann
"Where the White Owl Lives"
Close-up of lower left corner

Juli-Ann Gasper "Winter Sunrise"


Diane J. Evans "Color my World"

Close-up (obviously)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quilting Pilgrimage

"Floating" by Patty Ashworth

Today I made what turned out to be an arduous journey to Harrisburg for the PA National Quilt Extravaganza. It is actually only about an hour and a half away. It was my first time going to a quilt show and I was pretty excited. I just got slowed down (by an hour) by two traffic jams! This was all because of post-football game traffic and construction in one area. I almost turned around and came back, knowing that I'd have maybe two hours at the show, if I was lucky. But I realized I'd be way more upset missing out on such a cool opportunity than I would be if I got there later and had to rush through the whole show.

I arrived with two hours to spare! And I didn't even have to pay admission! Interestingly, there was also a gun show going on at the same site. Despite the opportunity, I did not hesitate to continue with my original plan (the quilt show).

I did have to rush with my shopping a bit but found many lovely fabrics. I was particularly drawn in by the Asian style fabrics as well as the Halloween prints. I have been reading Tonya's blog (Lazy Gal Quilting) and was reminded how much I have always loved Halloween but had forgotten over the last few (10?) years. I was inspired by her love of Halloween and the fantastic projects she has made over the years and posted on her blog. So part of my pilgrimage was to discover cool Halloween fabric in the hope that I, too, may do something cool with it eventually. I had also hoped to find some particular patterns (especially a cute acorn pincushion) but was out of luck.

Here are my fabric finds and the one apron pattern I bought:
These two pictures are from the same fabric. This fabric is AWESOME! The pictures remind me of a really cool Halloween picture book I had as a kid. Now I want to find the book again. The fabric is called "Unhappy Hour" by Alexander Henry. I have no idea what to do with the fabric but I love it and I just need a little courage and inspiration (oh, and time).

The above photo is just a mix of fabrics I couldn't pass up. Below is some great fabric I bought from Sis N Me. The center photo includes the girly apron pattern I bought by Vanilla House. I've been looking for something just like this to make for a couple of my friends. The fabric on the right is Halloween-esque, some of it from Mr. Halloween's Party.

So I had a great time and saw a lot of really creative and inspiring quilts. I realized quilts didn't have to be square or rectangular and got to see up close what beading, painting, using certain thread colors and unusual quilting can do for a quilt.

I'm working on posting them in an album on the sidebar, if I am able. Otherwise, maybe I can spread them out through a few posts.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quilted Purse with Mouse Accompaniment

Yesterday I finished my quilted purse at a class I was taking. The bag looks great and I only hope I can make it again someday on my own if I want to. All told, it probably took me 10-11 hours to make. It has both an inner and outer pocket and a zipper. This is my first purse ever and my first time trying to sew a zipper. I love this purse!

While at the quilt shop, my instructor discovered some stowaways hiding in an empty garbage bin. Two of the cutest little gray mice I have ever seen were staring back at us from the bottom of the bin. Seriously, I have never seen such cute mice in my life...they were the whimsical mice of a child's illustrated book. I guess it is appropriate that such whimsical mice would hide out in a quilt shop.