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Back to the Grind

We managed to cook dinner for friends from Mexico over the weekend and had a really nice time. They've offered to help me practice my Spanish. I also took a trip to a very nice little cross stitch shop I discovered by the school Lucas teaches at! It is called Moore Stitches and it had everything and more than I could want. I walked away with a few charts (Brittercup, By the Bay Needleart, and Prairie Schooler), some silk embroidery ribbon for my CQ block, and a bit of lovely thread. I will definitely be returning (especially since it completely escaped my mind to buy any fabric to stitch on!). I also took an intarsia class and made a (lopsided) heart.

I definitely need to practice before I take on any intarsia projects I've been planning. I am thinking that I'll keep making these squares with hearts in them and maybe sew them into a baby block or a teddy bear sweater. Then, of course, I'd have to learn to make the bear.

I also had a friend and colleague, Yuka, over for some knitting. I rarely get to knit with friends and don't have any quilting friends in the area, so it is very exciting to me when I get to share my passions with friends! I got her started on the rolled brim hat but she didn't have the right needles so we'll have to try again soon. While we knitted, I finished the rolled brim hat I'll be giving my mom for her birthday in September.

Yuka was very generous and brought me a gift when she came to knit, a gift I had been wishing for...a mold to make onigiri.

Onigiri has been a favorite of mine ever since one of my college roommates returned from her year abroad in Japan and started making it for us. It is rice with a filling inside (tuna, salmon, chicken, etc) and the rice triangle or circle is then wrapped up with a bit of seaweed. When Lucas was studying in Taiwan, I went to visit him for a week and I wanted to eat onigiri at the 7-11 everyday. By the way, 7-11 is way better in Asia than in the U.S.! I wish we had their 7-11's.

I finally got the baby quilt top put together! I debated for quite a while about adding the red borders but in the end, decided I liked it better this way. I'm excited to get quilting on it.

I have intended to work on my crazy quilt block and did manage to get a little embroidery done. I was really excited about how easy it was to learn some of the stitches. Now I need to get brave and put some serious work into it!


Hanzhito said…
I wish I could have real conversations with my students in Chinese class. :(

Glad you finally got the top of the baby quilt together, it looks good even though it's not pinwheels!
Solstitches said…
I love to cross stitch and look forward to seeing some of the pieces you will stitch from your new stash.
The baby quilt looks lovely now you have it put together.
Feel free to come over here and teach me Spanish!
I find it very difficult but then my school days are far, far behind me. Trying to remember everything is all but impossible.
Good luck with the new classes you will teach.
Anonymous said…
I think your baby quilt is lovely and nice contrast. Contrast is very good for babies, it helps their eyes develop.

To answer your question about my appliqué block, it is a digital image. I have not actually made this block yet, I designed it on my EQ6 software. I suppose you could try any method of appliqué that you liked, but I think needle turn might be best.
Lazy Gal Tonya said…
very graphic baby quilt. I love it. Don't worry if your machine quilting is good enough. It's a baby quilt - meant to be used and dragged around the house and loved. It doesn't have to be perfect. I took junior high and high school Spanish and never paid much attention. I remember very little. Pongole su chicle in la canasta. I'm not even sure that's spelled right.
Christine said…
Wow, you have been busy. Looking forward to seeing your baby quilt top quilted. I also enjoy cross-stitch and your new charts sound interesting.


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