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The Big Bad Baby Quilt

As I mentioned in a previous post, I discovered that I had not understood the directions for the quilt I was making. The pinwheel quilt turned into a bunch of rather uninteresting squares inside of squares that I have laboriously sewn together over the past two days. I'm pretty disappointed with how it has turned out and wonder how I went to all this trouble only to end up with a rather uninteresting quilt. I also have a lot of left over blocks to throw into a bin until something can be done with them. My options at this point are

1. Sew all the squares together as seen here. I don't have a design wall, so instead, I guess I have a design floor.

2. Add this red fabric border. I went fabric shopping today to find something to spruce it up. I don't really love the color combination but I having the contrast might be better.
My husband, Lucas, votes for the red borders. Any thoughts?

I guess I am just a little discouraged about how this whole project has turned out and I really want my brother and sister-in-law to like it, as well as my niece, someday. The other thing that is bothering me is that I only have a week of break left, precious little time, and I really want to be working on quilts that I actually feel good about.

On a happier note, I got my fabrics together today for the Take it Further challenge. Tomorrow I plan to get them sewn up and will hopefully have a picture to post. I'm still debating as to what to actually do with my block. One option in the challenge is to somehow render someone you look up to. I'd like to do something with my mom and was thinking about different symbols that represent things I admire about her (she's very creative, has taught herself how to do a number of things, she always encourages creativity in other people, she raises goats and takes very good care of them, and she raised and took good care of me!). For me, the biggest part of this challenge may not be skills, though I could certainly work on that area of my life, but rather, it is letting myself have a good time without worrying about whether what I am doing is "good enough." I have read a few other blogs and other people taking part in the challenge seem to have similar concerns about their skill level compared to others. I hope we can all be challenged to not let our worries keep us from enjoying ourselves and being creative.


Vicki W said…
I do like the version with the red borders. Have you thought about trying blue or purple for the borders to see if that makes you happier?
Angelcat said…
I do like the addition of the red borders, but I think the one without looks fresh and clean so I can see why you are having difficulty choosing!
Solstitches said…
I like the addition of the red borders and I love the simplicity of the design - so much nicer than when things get too busy.
La Manosa said…
Ladies, thank you so much for your input, I really appreciate it!

Vicki, I did try auditioning some purples and blues from my stash and found a few that were relatively pleasing to the eye. Thanks for the suggestion. None of my fabrics have enough yardage to finish the quilt but I may try to buy similar fabric.

Hi, Angelcat, yes, that is the trouble, the quilt does look very neat and tidy without borders. I keep vacillating about whether to add them or leave them out.

Margaret, thanks for your kind comment. There is something nice about the red border, I think I'm just having a little trouble getting used to it?

I've had such a hard time deciding what to do with the quilt that I've decided to just give myself a few days to think more about it. After all, my niece is already born. Now, if I can just get this to her before her first birthday!
Michael5000 said…
First of all, I don't think you should sound so disappointed. The square-in-a-square look is snazzy; I like both versions but prefer the second one, with the borders, just a little bit.

Either way, it will be a handsome baby quilt. Keep in mind, for a baby quilt you shouldn't be making anything that you would hate to see dragged through a mud puddle anyway, so a simple pattern is best. Also, the strong value contrasts of your blocks will be good for developing little baby eyes. I think it's a winner.
Scooter Sissy said…
I vote for the borders, although at first, I liked it without borders. But if you do borders I think quilting it on the diagonal rather than in the ditch will make it visually yummy.
La Manosa said…
Thanks Michael5000 for your comment and encouragement. You're right, this quilt is going to see some "tough love" from the baby so I shouldn't make it too complicated.

I hadn't thought about the contrasting colors but now that you mention it, I remember that babies are drawn to them.
La Manosa said…
Hi Scooter Sissy,

Yes, I've actually been thinking a lot about quilting on the diagonal. Thanks for the advice!

Now I just need to actually make up mind about it so that I can get the top sewn and move on to the quilting!
Lazy Gal Tonya said…
It's not what you intended, but the baby quilt is marvelous. very bold. Try to look at it afresh and realize you did a great job, cuz you did.


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