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Take it Further Challenge January-2

I've made slow progress embellishing my CQ block. This is due, in part, to having minimal embroidery skills upon joining this challenge (i.e. only the cross stitch and French knot). I've been looking at Sharon B's Stitch Dictionary and it has been a great help in adding to my abilities and knowledge. I have to say that I'm really enjoying learning embroidery and feel quite satisfied with myself each time I master a new stitch.

I added a bit of lace and embroidered some daisies in the lower left corner and then the block sat there for quite some time as I tried to figure out how to transfer the goat design I drew to the center block and how to stitch it. I finally decided to use a transfer pencil and ironed my design onto the fabric. This worked quite well. I then (finally!) mastered the stem stitch enough to be able to embroider the design. I don't know why but stem stitch was boggling my mind for a while.

About the block:
My block is meant to represent someone I admire, my mother, and I chose the goat as her emblem. She has been raising goats for about 26 years now and originally acquired them because I had a sensitivity to cow's milk but no problems with goat milk. Since then, goats have become her life. She lead 4-H programs I was involved in which were related to goats. She has taken them to shows, she has them registered, has a careful breeding program, records their milk production, makes cheese and soap, and is the go-to woman whenever someone has a question about their goat(s). This particular goat is a Nubian which is her preferred breed for their personality and milk production.

I am also focusing on embroidering flowers on the block because 1. she is an avid flower gardener and 2. no CQ block is complete without them. She receives compliments every year from friends, family and even complete strangers who stop by to tell her how lovely her garden looks.

I bought some silk ribbon and hope to learn a little about it so that I can begin to add that embroidery to the block as well.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and encouragement, I've really appreciated them!


Anonymous said…
This is looking very nice - I love the goat. ps I like you reading choices - Pride and Prejudice is great.
Thelma said…
I enjoyed reading about your admiration for your mother. Your block is looking great.
Ming said…
There is a very beautiful thought behind your block. It will be a quilt made with love.
Michael5000 said…
That is one cute lil' goat....
La Manosa said…
Hi Paula,

Thanks for your comment on my block and the goat.

I'm glad that you also have good taste in reading. I'm always very happy to meet other fans of Pride and Prejudice!
La Manosa said…
Hi Thelma and Ming,

Thank you for your kind words. My mom is a very admirable woman and I'm glad the challenge gave me an opportunity to think more about my appreciation for her. I hope she likes the goat!
La Manosa said…

I'm glad you like the goat. I think it will be a unique crazy quilt, as I expect goats are rarely, if ever, a motif. :)


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