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The Winter Blahs

I'm definitely feeling blah today. Maybe it is because I started out the morning doing homework, which was a not so thrilling reading of Jacques Lacan's "The Mirror Stage" for a class on cultural studies. I have to prepare a guide to Lacan's essay but I have difficulty understanding it myself, so that makes for a bit of work.

I looked up more embroidery stitches and managed to embroider two silk roses on my TIF challenge block and decided that was all the challenge I could handle for the moment. Yesterday, I finished Pot Purri, designed by Margaret Sherry.

I was contemplating framing this but I have another of the cat designs completed with many more waiting to be begun and now I am thinking I could make them into a wall hanging once I've completed several more. At the rate I'm going, that should only take me another eight years or so. I recently joined a Margaret Sherry stitching group on Yahoo and found out that she will no longer be working with Heritage Stitchcraft. They have discontinued her designs, as they state on their website. It sounds as though she will continue to design, just not with HS. I keep wishing she would design some roly-poly goats for cross stitch.


Michael5000 said…
Ha! I put "Me gusta acolchar" on my gmail status bar. We'll see if anybody picks up on it.
Ming said…
Hi, this is Ming. I found this link from a friend's blog http://www.maurer-stroh.com/project2008.html
and thought you might be interested. I probably will do it too. It is so much easier that we only stitch a little bit each month, isn't it? ;) Have a nice day!
Solstitches said…
Hi Misty,
The little kitty cross stitch is so cute. I love your idea of making the series into a quilted wallhanging.
Thanks for the Spanish lesson :) Any help in that department is gratefully accepted!
I hope your stitching slump doesn't last too long.
I sometimes feel that way when coming to the end of a good book.



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