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Progress Report

It's finished!

I've been working away at projects, despite the attempts of grad school to get in the way. I finished the baby quilt and added the label today. I'm determined to send the quilt to its future owner (Finally!).

Stressing about making the label made me realize that I have a strange relationship to labeling quilts. I feel like I should do it because other people expect me to, but not that I necessarily want to do it. I had decided not to make a label for my niece's quilt but changed my mind this morning because I know I won't see her often as she grows up and I realized that it might mean a lot to her to know that I made it for her (in case no one remembers to tell her). I feel like my aversion to labeling is difficult even for me to understand.

I've noticed that I have an autumn/Halloween decoration fetish and have picked up a number of cross stitch patterns recently with these themes. I'm having a great time making progress on this one, by Brittercup, called "Haunt the Night Away." While stitching it, I've been enjoying several episodes of Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett), and my old stand by, Pride and Prejudice.

And...the toe-up sock has a toe! I love this yarn! I can't believe such a cute sock is going to be on my foot one day soon. The next class meets this Wednesday and I'll learn how to make the heel then.

It's been nice seeing what everyone else is quilting, knitting and cross stitching on their blogs. I am so inspired by what I see other people making!


Ming said…
I like the boldness and the contrasting colours and shading in your quilt. I also like the simple rectangular design. Sometimes I think we get too complicated in our quilt designs and forget about the beauty of simplicity.
Michael5000 said…
Yay! Congrats on the finish!

I dislike labels too. For me, it's simply that the quilt feels ~finished~ the second the binding is closed, and anything more -- sleaves and labels -- feels like paperwork.
La Manosa said…
I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't like labels. :) I feel sort of guilty about it because I know that most people consider the label to be an important part of the quilt. If labeling only required a few moments of my time, I'd probably have no problem with it.
Quilt Nut said…
love the quilt! i dislike labels too-my handwriting is too messy and i never know what to say or where to put the label
Anonymous said…
I dont label my quilts or embroidery either - because i dont ever feel they are good enough to claim ownership, and more importantly - old quilts were rarely signed and dated (the thing that annoys quilt historians) but i find the quilts that were made by anonymous makers more interesting - the wondering about the how, why, what where, is more interesting that having it all spelt out on a label. If any of my quilts survive three kids (doubtful) someone in the future can wonder 'what was she thinking?' without any in put from me!


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