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Sorry to have disappeared for two months. After spring break, I was feeling rather overwhelmed by school and I couldn't bring myself to post anything on my blog. I just finished classes last week and turned in the last paper on Friday--I am now free!

In March, Lucas and I traveled to Lancaster, PA and had a fantastic time. The weather was beautiful as were the quilt shops. We stopped at Burkholder's Fabrics and I was completely overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous fabric. As you may imagine, it was difficult to decide what to bring home with me, but despite the difficulty, I did finally make a decision. From Burkholder's, we drove to Sauder's. We found both lovely fabric and great snacks there. If you go, I highly recommend the Blueberry bars. We had planned to visit a couple of additional shops, but as I had managed to stay just within the budget at the first two and tired myself out looking fabric, we decided to call it a day. I was going to take pictures but realized that I would have the same photos as everyone who has traveled there and...I was lazy. Lancaster was a really interesting area and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope we might go back again later this summer.

Since my last post, I took a crochet class and absolutely loved it. Although it completely confused me at first, I began to get the hang of it and now I feel as though I understand crochet a great deal better than I do knitting. I was allowed to choose a pattern to make in the class and chose an amigurumi pattern of a jellyfish from Ana Paula Rimoli's web page. (If you happen to make this pattern, please note that there is an error in the instructions for R3 &4). Unfortunately, I haven't quite finished the jellyfish but I will soon (because the last thing I need is another UFO!).

I don't remember exactly how I found out about amigurumi, but ever since that time, I have had a strong desire to learn crochet. After my crochet class, I bought Ana Paula Rimoli's book Amigurumi World and I'm having a fantastic time making happy fruits from the patterns in the book. Currently, I am making an apple and last night I finished a pear, named "Pera". Hopefully you can see it at the top of this entry--blogger is acting up and I can't see the picture myself.

Apart from my fun crochet class, I also took a landscape quilt class. Instead of land, I chose to do water and I'm working on a scene of Koi fish swimming in a stream under a lychee branch. I believe I am perhaps halfway through the project and hope to finish it this month.

Well, I am so glad to be finished with school and back to crafting and blogging again. I'll have a few adventures to share during the summer as well. We're traveling to the Civil War Museum in Harrisburg and a few battlefields in Maryland and Virginia in June. We'll also be going to Baltimore for a five days, then Washington D.C., followed by a trip home to Michigan.

I'll also be sharing my work on the Take it Further Challenge. Sharon B was kind enough to allow me to take a hiatus while I was finishing up my degree, so it is time to pick it back up.


Solstitches said…
Congratulations on your graduation!
It's lovely to see you posting again.
Well done on learning to crochet.
The little fruits are so cute and look as though they will be fast to do.
I'm envious of your trip to Lancaster PA - would love to visit those quilt shops for myself.


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