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Disarmed by Cuteness

I can't stop crocheting cute toys!

On Saturday, I went with my friend, Lori, to the World Wide Knit in Public Day being held at a local park. It was nice to meet some of the other local knitters, spinners, and crocheters who are in the community and the knitting guild. I crocheted, of course! Too bad the rain kept threatening us all day--after a small bit of rain, Lori and I packed up and headed to the creamery to eat lunch, have ice cream, and a photo shoot with my newest creation: Leonardo.

I've got a few secret projects going right now, but not anything I can show. Lucas and I are heading out of town to go to Baltimore for about 5 days. He has business (a training event) while I have pleasure: hours and hours of craft time and sight seeing without the bother of dishes, laundry, etc. I plan to bring lots of projects to work on and I hope to have lots of finished objects to show for it! I'm not quite sure what places I ought to visit in Baltimore. Right now, the art museum is on the top of my list, as is the harbor area.

After Baltimore, we'll be in D.C. for two days and then back home for a couple of days before heading out to Michigan for a week.



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