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Caught in the busy-ness of life

I didn't really imagine it would take me several weeks to have time to post on my blog! Teaching continues to keep me quite busy and I'm taking a few knitting classes here and there as well.

It feels like a long time since we took the trip I've been trying to share with you! After we traveled to Baltimore, we headed down to Washington, D.C. to visit a friend and stayed the weekend with her.We spied a very earnest segway tour as we were driving to dinner. Notice the guide in the red poncho. After seeing this, an animated discussion ensued about how serious you should be (or not!) when riding a segway.

Alison told us we would be a little disappointed by Chinatown but she drove us there to see it anyway. Chinatown in D.C. has no Chinese people and few Chinese restaurants, but it does have lots of signs in Chinese. Every store/restaurant has its name in English and Chinese (look just above the golden fish).


We had a lovely dinner that evening at an Ethiopian restaurant. The next morning, I drove out to Silver Springs, MD to see the Crafty Bastards fair. I love the cute plush that Sewing Stars makes and for some time, I had admired her cute plush tea cups. I read her blog and knew that she would be there so I thought that this was my chance: I went there in hopes of finding a tea cup to come home with me and I was not disappointed!

I wasn't able to get a good picture of the teacup so I will try again soon when I have sunlight. Also, more photos to come in my next post, including additional views of the sights around D.C.


Michael5000 said…
My feeling is, you should be as serious or whimsical as you want -- while not riding a segway.


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