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A Cup of Tea and More of D.C.

Here is my cute cup of tea from Sewing Stars at the craft fair in Silver Spring, MD. I love that he looks both happy and like he is so hot that he is about to explode!

After my adventure Saturday morning, we went to lunch with our friend Alison at Ching Ching Cha, a tea house that we love in the Georgetown part of D.C.

As always, the tea was lovely and so was the teaware. I love this teapot and cup.

These little bento boxes had delicious food in them: tofu, greens, peas, carrots, cabbage and rice. All in all, it was a lovely meal that made for a perfect day.

On Sunday, we walked down to the Eastern Market for lunch and shopping.

I loved this mural that we saw on the way. The leaves are made out of mirrors.

Charming colorful houses.

I did a lot of admiring.

I'm sure no one would be surprised that I was drawn in by all of the beautiful things we saw there. I confess that I could not resist buying a tea set (because, really, you can never have enough) and a sake serving set.

The Eastern Market was great and I would recommend it highly. You can purchase a variety of things outdoors and indoors, including enticing fruits, vegetables and other foods. There are also fruit and vegetable stands outdoors and unusual booths selling things like magic lantern slides, furniture from China, old cookware and bicycles.



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