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I want my Internet!

I certainly didn't intend to disappear from my blog (or the Internet in general) for so long! We lost our Internet more than a week ago and have been waiting impatiently until today when someone could come and look at our modem. I think that I knew I was Internet-dependent before this, but it became all too clear to me just how attached I am to it, whether it is to feel part of a crafting community, keep in touch by email, or just look things up. Lucas and I even resorted to driving to the grocery store so that we could use the free wireless Internet there and at least keep track of any urgent emails.

Now that I'm "plugged in" again, I thought I'd share some of what I've been doing of late. I had a couple of finishes from earlier this summer that I could not mention because they were gifts. Here we have our friend, Blue, the beagle I made for my father-in-law on the occasion of his birthday. The pattern is from PlanetJune and I have to say that I love her designs.

This is a little lamb I made using a free pattern.

I just finished my ESL teaching and now I start back teaching Spanish at the university next week. I'm looking forward to settling into a routine and getting back to my crafting--there hasn't been much time for it the past several weeks.

I had planned to get several projects completed over the last two months, but I just seem to keep starting them and not finishing any of the quilts and other things that are languishing around here. I guess I'll have to extend my goal to September as well!



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