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I often experience a desire to post on my blog which is overwhelmed by my desire not to post. I think that most of the time, I feel like I have nothing to say or that the things I want to say/share are not interesting to other people. I realize that this is silly because it is my blog, after all, however, I find it difficult to get past this problem much of the time. Today must be my lucky day because here I am!

I've been busy trying to work on about 10 projects all at once. This means, of course, that I make little progress on any of them and I was finally forced to prioritize according to some deadlines.

What I've been up to...

I took a needle felting class, had a lot of fun and made a cute little bear. I see a pumpkin in my future, too.

I'm working away diligently at knitting my sweater vest. I keep having little things go wrong with it that make me wonder if I have some sort of mental block with knitting. I really want to finish this soon!

I finally got an autumn cross stitch to the framer's and I'm enjoying having it around because I love fall. Also, it's cute. The Pattern is from BritterCup Designs, if I remember correctly. This inspired me to start yet another fall cross stitch project that I shouldn't be working on right now, Acorn Hill by Little House Needle Works.

I decided to start crocheting a baby blanket for some friends. The yarn was from my friend, Lori, who wanted to do a bit of destashing before moving to North Carolina. I somehow thought she had given me more of this yarn but it turned out that I needed to order more balls to keep moving. I've got a ways to go on this and I'm fairly certain the baby is going to be born and go home with its parents before the blanket does.

I've always wanted to join some sort of exchange and found one on Ravelry that appealed to me called Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange. I joined the fall colors group and we are each knitting or crocheting (or both) 11 blocks to send to the others in the group. I'm both very excited and somewhat intimidated by this project. Last night I sat down to play with the yarn and begin to get an idea of what I'd like to make. Just a couple of small squares so far and most people weren't interested in green, so I'm thinking I'm probably keeping this for myself once I finish it.

I finally started quilting on a quilt that has been languishing since last fall. It was a paper piecing class and I'd been avoiding the quilting because I was afraid I might somehow ruin the quilt. Finally, with some encouragement from others and the fact that we moved some of our things into storage (and I could no longer hide the quilt under something else), I sat down and quilted it. Now it needs a binding. I better not take another year to get that taken care of! Here's a view of the back side quilted.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I took a fantastic thread crochet snowflake class! I LOVE it. I've made three or four snowflakes so far but I'm waiting for the next class to block them. I'll definitely post some pictures then.

I'm looking forward to being able to post some pictures of my finished projects soon. Take care!


Michael5000 said…
That's a MAD cute bear!

Love the meandering quilting pattern you used....
Solstitches said…
You may be a reluctant blogger Misty but this little bit of everything is a great post!
You've been very, very busy and everything you show here is wonderful!
yaz portugal said…
Hi there!!!.... here again... i just love the way you wrote this post. you now?... we are kind of Similar in some many ways.... I do want to post more frecuently but I don't know what to say... or there are some many things I would like to share but they sound silly. Not for me.. but for others.
Finaly as you say, this is your blog, your space and the way you are.

... no encuentro la palabra en ingles... pero me gusta mucho los muñequitos que haces.. son muy originales. excelentes para un regalo o una ocasión especial. Te felicito por estar al 100% en lo que te gusta.
Te mando mcuhos saludos desde Guanajuato, México y seguimos en contacto.
Ojala podamos ponernos de acuerdo un día para vernos en el Messenger, en qué horario podrías?...
Cuidate. saludos.
Yaz Portugal
Linda said…
Very cute bear, and the quilt is georgous!
Meninheira said…
Qué bonito es el oso!
(can i write in spanish? Ups!)


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