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It's Been a Long Time

I haven't meant to be absent so long but I have been so busy and working on so many projects that it doesn't seem like I've had much to share (little progress has been made on any one thing). First, I have to say that this has been an exciting election! I've not seen anything like it in my lifetime and it has been moving to see how excited people, including myself, have become about the future of the country. I've only voted in one presidential election and it was quite different. Last night we waited outside for two hours to vote! It was cold and dark. People were handing out apples, bottled water, pizza (Yes, I am serious), baked pretzels, sudoku puzzles--all for free to those of us waiting in line at the polling site. After voting, we were so exhausted that we came home and fell asleep. I'm still exhausted today but I am certainly happy and feel lucky to have had this experience.

I've just a few photos at the moment to share of what I have been working on most recently. I'm participating in the Not Your Ordinary Block Exchange on Ravelry and have finished and blocked 2 of my squares. I sent them out today.

The first is a crochet square from a pattern by Chris Simon called Flower Burst. I have learned after making a few different squares that I am not getting gauge and my squares which are supposed to turn out 12" square end up at 10. I added a little border to this one to achieve the correct size. I really like the colors together and hope the recipient will enjoy it.

NYOBE Block 1 Fall

The second square is knitted using Lacy Zigzag pattern from Love2Knit Dischcloths. Yep, it's a pattern for a dishcloth. I miscalculated the number of stitches I would need to cast on for a 12" square and had to add a border to this one, too. The border is crocheted. I love this yarn--the color and feel are wonderful. Ella Rae Amity, especially the heathers, are fun to work with.

NYOBE Block 2

I've also been crocheting snowflakes--no photos to post yet, but I've blocked one and have several more to block. I love it!

In the quilting portion of my life, I have been very busy. The lap quilt I was working on for myself has been put on hold while I took a couple of classes. One class I took at my LQS is the One Block Wonder. I used an Asian print and actually cut my hexagons a little smaller than the directions called for but it seems to be turning out well, regardless of my error. I have found this quilt to be incredibly challenging for me. I was totally excited for the class, I love how it is starting to look when I get the blocks together and hang them on a sheet, but sewing them drove me crazy. It took forever and I hated it. I can't remember hating piecing so much as I have on this occasion and I don't quite know why it bothered me so much. I think the result is going to be quite exciting but the process was definitely sticky. Here's a photo of my first attempt at arranging the blocks together. I haven't got many of the darker, emptier blocks on yet and I'm still not certain of how I will arrange things in the end--I think this will take me a while.

One Block Wonder Begins

Also, I recently took a day workshop making a pumpkin seed quilt. I absolutely love the fabrics and how my blocks are turning out. I've only finished four so far, but I will be sure to post some photos soon, as I make a few more. Thankfully, working on this quilt makes me very happy and was the much needed antidote to the One Block Wonder!

I guess that is all for now. I'm looking forward to teaching my first amigurumi class tomorrow evening! I'm very excited to see how everyone in the class will personalize their projects.


Teresa said…
Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your projects - thye all look marvelous.

I had to vote absentee as I am out of town on a business trip - happens every year at this time. I do miss the excitement of going to the polls to cast my ballot though - even if I had to wait in line.
Solstitches said…
Hi Misty,
It's nice to see another post from you.
I love your crochet block and the knitted one is very pretty also.
Funny that you should be doing a hexagon quilt as I have been playing around with the idea that I'd like to do one. You may not be enjoying it but I think it'll be well worth the effort as it looks gorgeous.


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