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A couple finishes at the end of 2008

I managed to finish up a couple more projects in time for Christmas gift-giving. I was inspired by some very cute snowballs I saw for sale on etsy.com and decided I had to try making a couple for myself and my mom.


I also wanted to try making up amigurumi completely on my own without following someone else's pattern. I started making the head of a bunny and just tried to keep everything proportional. I didn't have an idea of what the bunny would look like when finished, she just sort of came together. I'm very glad I tried this because I've been intimidated by trying to come up with my own designs. After I made a prototype bunny, I decided to make two more for my nieces for Christmas. I was already giving them Peter Rabbit pillowcases I had made and I picked up copies of Peter Rabbit books for them--making them a bunny was the obvious choice.

Here is my bunny:

My Honey Bunny

Alyssa's bunny:

Bunny for Alyssa

And Alexis's bunny on the right:

The Honey Bunnies

I'm looking forward to finishing several projects and starting a few new ones in 2009!


Michael5000 said…
Good HEAVENS you make cute little animals. They are the most charming critters every.


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