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A garland of flowers

I'm looking forward to teaching some fun classes this summer. I had long been wanting to try some of the lovely flowers from Suzann Thompson's book, Crochet Bouquet. The flowers and designs are wonderful. Another bonus is that Suzann Thompson has posted a few photo tutorials when people have had questions about her techniques.

Here is the shop sample I made for the class. I wasn't sure quite how to combine the variety of flowers into some sort of logical grouping. Ultimately, I settled on a floral garland to feature them.

These flowers were a lot of fun to make!


Rachel said…
Wonderful garland! The crochet thread on my blog is Nazli Gelin Garden, it was new in my LYS.
Solstitches said…
What a gorgeous flower display Misty!
I see you are quite the crochet expert as these look quite complicated to me :)
These are just wonderful flowers!


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