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Things Are Still Happening Around Here!

Not that you'd know, given my lack of posting since March.

I made a few more amigurumi. A bunny for Easter.

A mouse with a beret for a friend who teaches French (the beret was specifically requested).

Having seen all of the beautiful hemlock ring blankets out there, I had to knit up my own. I had a lot of fun making it and although the start was a bit tricky for me, it went much smoother than I expected. The yarn, Ella Rae Classic, turned out to be just right for this project. Please excuse the poor quality photos.

My Hemlock

Close-up of Hemlock Ring

Summer vacation is upon us and, as I have no students to teach, I have begun some summer temp work. I'll also be teaching summer crafty classes. I am looking forward to lots of crafting!


Jenny S said…
Oh my, your blanket is amazing! I'd love to be able to knit and crochet like that xo
Solstitches said…
Wow! I've seen a few of these Hemlock Ring Blankets on Ravelry and love how yours turned out. Maybe I'll attempt one this coming Winter.
It looks as though we are both in the mood to work with yarn.
Wonderful projects.


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