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A Brand New Bag

A bit of sewing has been going on around here. May I present to you my take on the Amy Butler Nappy Bag. It is the perfect size for larger knit or crochet projects! The fabric has been on my mind since the first time I saw it at the shop and the wheels have been turning while I tried to come up with the perfect project for it.

Sorry for the poor photos. I'll get some nicer ones later this summer.

This pattern is ideal for any skill level and would be a great project for beginning sewers or for quilters who have not sewn before. I was really impressed with how clear the instructions were and there were several helpful illustrations included. All of the steps were presented in a logical order.

A few reflections on my experience:
1. The particular type of interfacing I happened to have on hand required a damp pressing. This shrunk my fabric and made fitting pieces together a bit of a chore. I'll be throwing this interfacing out with the garbage.
2. There are three pockets each on the front and rear interior of the bag, which I really like; however, I did not care for the placement of the bottle pockets (for the baby bottles). In sewing them to each end of the interior (they are centered across the side seams inside the bag), I felt as though I was loosing the use of the pockets they were attached to because they would be stitched partially closed. I opted to leave the bottle pockets off.
3. I also added a strip of fabric attached to the center back of the bag with a magnetic closure and added the other half to the front. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have added a magnetic closure to the exterior of the fabric before attaching the lining, thereby eliminating the need for the strip of fabric across the top.
4. Sometimes, the layers of fabric become quite thick. It's a good idea to have a walking foot and a size 14 needle handy near the end.
5. This bag was a bit bigger than I anticipated (apparently, I didn't pay attention to the dimensions). I think it would be fun to make it a little smaller or even a purse size.

I would highly recommend this pattern. It makes a fabulous bag and you'll learn a lot in the process! I'll be teaching a class to make the Nappy Bag this summer at Stitch Your Art Out.


Karen said…
Wonderful bag!
Annika said…
The bag is really cute!


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