Monday, January 12, 2009

More Ways to Keep Warm

I am happy that I have some new finishes to share!

First up is the wall hanging that I started working on in a class about a 1.5 years ago, I think. I've shown bits and pieces and here it is finished and hanging on my wall.

Birds of Paradise

I decided to call it Birds of Paradise after Ming mentioned to me that it reminded her of the flowers. Many thanks to her for the inspiration.

Another project that was on hold for some time was my fingerless gloves that I planned to make for myself. I started them this summer, finished one glove over Thanksgiving break and put the rest on hold until after the holidays.

My Fingerless Beaded Gloves

And finally, I completed a cowl (thankfully, it only took a couple of days rather than months or years!). I love this!

Cowl Side View

Hurray for finishes!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Looking back at 2008

Here are most of the finished projects of 2008! I made a lot of amigurumi. I didn't make very many quilts. Looking over these photos makes me happy and fuels my goal to finish projects in 2009!

Finished Projects 2008 Mosaic

A couple finishes at the end of 2008

I managed to finish up a couple more projects in time for Christmas gift-giving. I was inspired by some very cute snowballs I saw for sale on and decided I had to try making a couple for myself and my mom.


I also wanted to try making up amigurumi completely on my own without following someone else's pattern. I started making the head of a bunny and just tried to keep everything proportional. I didn't have an idea of what the bunny would look like when finished, she just sort of came together. I'm very glad I tried this because I've been intimidated by trying to come up with my own designs. After I made a prototype bunny, I decided to make two more for my nieces for Christmas. I was already giving them Peter Rabbit pillowcases I had made and I picked up copies of Peter Rabbit books for them--making them a bunny was the obvious choice.

Here is my bunny:

My Honey Bunny

Alyssa's bunny:

Bunny for Alyssa

And Alexis's bunny on the right:

The Honey Bunnies

I'm looking forward to finishing several projects and starting a few new ones in 2009!