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The Last of 2009...I think

So I think I've managed to round up the last of the finished projects from 2009 that never made it to the blog. Which is good, because we really need to move on! Without further ado, I give you:

1. Socks
The pair of socks I started knitting almost two years ago and finally finished just after Christmas. It was high time I got over my fears and just knit the darn heel. I kept having holes appear on the sides of the heel around where I joined it with the rest of the sock. One sock I tried to sew the hole up and the other I managed to fix with a bit of concentration. I don't see myself knitting many socks but I'm glad I know how!

2. Robin's Egg Blue Hat With Stripey Button.
I've been wanting to knit this for a couple of years but couldn't find the right yarn in the right shade until I came across it in Shepherd's Shades. I knit this right around Thanksgiving. I will say that the hat wants to slide up a bit but otherwise, it is a good fit.

3. A Halloween wall hanging
Technically this is not finished because I didn't put the hanging sleeve on it yet. And that is why, although it was done before Halloween, I never got to hang it up.

4. Snail Amigurumi
My production of amigurumi decreased quite a bit in 2009. Most of the time, I just didn't feel very motivated and I don't really know why. But in the fall I got a copy of Amigurumi World 2 and over the holidays I needed a small project to make me smile.


Karin @ madebyk said…
Wow, what cute, great stuff you've made!! Very nice! (And in the next post down too!)


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