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In Which I Meet Susan B. Anderson!

The stars must have aligned. Susan B. Anderson was having a book signing at Loop in Philadelphia during our spring break week! Have you seen her charming designs? Here are some photos of toys from her most recent book, Itty Bitty Toys.

Have you seen these charming toys?

Or how about this giraffe? My favorite!

I started reading Susan's blog several months ago and always enjoy her posts and her patterns. She was just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. She even gave me a hug before I left for the evening and thanked me for coming out there.

The people at Loop were really great, too, and hosted a lovely party. I had a chance to chat with some other knitters and crocheters and Craig even demonstrated Portuguese knitting for us! They have some lovely yarns there and 2 skeins of Spud & Chloe Sweater, among other things, came home with me. I'm going to use the Spud & Chloe for this gorgeous scarf.

If you hop on over to Susan's blog, you can even spy me in a few of the photos she posted. :)



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