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What Should I Choose Next?

There are a lot of great spring/summer knitting and crochet patterns out there for tops and cardigans. I'm trying to decide what I'll work on next after I finish my current winter cardigan.

Here is what I'm considering:

Que Sera
Flame Scallop Cardi


Beachcomber Tunic

Poplar & Elm
Any thoughts as to what should be next?


Amoena said…
From these five, I would pick Que Sera! I find it the most suitable for Spring and I have actually considered knitting it too.
Cynthia said…
All of them?
La MaƱosa said…
Hmmm, I hadn't considered casting on for all of them at once. Maybe that's what I should do. But then I probably won't finish any of them for about five years! :)
Lori P. said…
I vote for either the Que Sera or the Poplar & Elm!
Jaye said…
Wrap around styles are always very flattering...
Amy said…
Cerisara is my favorite.
Karen said…
Cerisara is my favorite!
Wow, I guess i'm the only one to pick the Flame Scallop one although it does look harder
Anonymous said…
They are all cute. I think my favorite is the first one - it reminds me of the one I just started. It's called the Kelso Cardigan and has that lacy look. It's done with a larger yarn (than is typical of lace) and knits up really fast. It has one tripple decrease per repeat, instead of the typical two single decreases, so that's part of why it does faster.


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