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Colors Catching My Eye

Within the last year, I've come across gorgeous quilts and blocks like these from Piece O' Cake Designs and I fell in love with them. They are so vibrant and I realized that vibrancy of color was lacking in my own quilting. Inspired, I bought a couple of their books and I'm now working on a quilt with brighter, clearer colors than I typically use. I still love my muddy, muted colors, but I need some sparkle in my life, too. See the next post for my work in progress.


elle said…
yes, I hear you. I like both as well and Piece of cake do wonderful things with their fabrics.
Kimberly said…
Misty, I've made Tulips in the Park...in brights on white. I gave it to Cynthia. You'll have to get her to bring it in sometime when you'll both be there. Cheers, Kim
Claudia said…
Oh yes, I love Piece o cake applique designs! I haven't attempted anything this ambitious yet.


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