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Oh, Crochet Christmas Tree!

I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I have!

I've been in the Christmas mood for a couple of weeks now. Although I usually consider the day after Thanksgiving to be the start of the Christmas season, I just needed it to start a bit earlier this year. I confess I've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas while crocheting and knitting away on gifts. Here's one recent FO I'm keeping for myself that has definitely got me in the holiday mood:


Pattern: Christmas Trees by June Gilbank
Yarn: Harrisville New England Shetland, Seagreen
Hook: 3.5mm

June is having a crochetalong which was just the push I needed to get to work on this pattern! I really love how the tree turned out. I decided to make two stars instead of one and sewed them together so that they would stand up straighter atop the tree. I liked June's idea of putting a garland on the tree so I bought a few different kinds of beads and strung them onto nylon thread.

Incidentally, if you are considering doing this, I recommend knotting the nylon thread and pulling it through from the inside of the tree at the top, then start stringing the beads. If you start with your knot at the bottom and work up, it will be really hard to reach in at the top when you're finished to knot the thread because the top is narrow.

Also, if you stop crocheting after the first several rounds, you can have adorable little 2-3 inch tall mini trees. I'm seriously thinking about making some tiny ones--so cute!


Anonymous said…
What a fantastic tree, perfect for the holidays :-D Did it take long to crochet?

La Mañosa said…
Thank you! No, it didn't take long at all. I began it one evening and finished it the next morning. I'd like to make a few more next year for the holidays.


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