Monday, September 13, 2010

Applique Finishes!

I posted about my first applique block recently. I finished it and put the top together a couple of weeks ago. Here it is:

Applique Top Completed!

This little quilt is from the book, Fat Quarter Quilting. Honestly, after having spent a few months making a giant queen-sized quilt, I was SO happy to make something small and finish it. I plan to practice my hand quilting a bit and then give it a try on this project. I'd like to have the top quilted and bound before Christmas. I'll let you know how that goes. :)

I am also pleased to say that I finished one of the nine blocks from the Lotus tile quilt from the book, Tile Quilt Revival. Sorry, the photo isn't great.

Lotus Tile Quilt Block I Completed

I would have liked the spacing between the pieces to be a bit more accurate 1/4 inch, but it does vary, at times (my fault, not the book's).

My thoughts so far on this technique:
1. I need to draw myself an outline of the final size of each piece on the piece itself. You are simply to cut out the piece you need and then needleturn it down to the correct size. I can't eyeball it well enough.
2. I like the idea of thread basting the pieces in place, but I don't like having all of the pieces on the block at once, as is suggested in the instructions. The other pieces fray a bit and feel like they are in my way.
3. I'm using the Piece O'Cake applique techniques and that seems to be working well for me. I'm so glad to have their book!

I think this project is really fun and I'm enjoying it a lot. I've started on my second block, making changes to the technique and I'm hoping that it will go a little more smoothly.

I meant to go over my list of summer goals previously. Here is what my list looked like:

Finish Prairie Moons Quilt Top
Make PM Quilt Backing
Start Que Sera Cardigan
Finish A Scarf (Gift)
Crochet 10 Snowflakes (Gift)
Finish knitting a fair isle chicken
Sew 2 skirts
Finish Crocheting Dahlia Bag
Crochet Snail & Pear (Gift)
Finish Knitting Entrelac Scarf
Sew Coloring Kit (Gift)
Crochet a Cardinal (Gift)
Design a Crochet Owl
Knit a Soap Sock
Finish Knitting Baby Surprise Jacket
Sew Hanging Sleeve to Halloween Quilt
Sew Buttons on 2 Cardigans
Crochet Boteh Scarf

I think I did pretty well! Other than trying to finish some Christmas gifts and make some Halloween decorations, I don't really have any goals for autumn. I feel like I'm a little too busy to pressure myself, so I'm trying to take it easy for now.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thinking About Tile Quilts

Have you heard of the book, Tile Quilt Revival?

Tile Quilt Revival

This book has been on my wish list for a while and I finally acquired it the other day. I love the idea of tile quilts. I'm just starting to learn applique and I like that all of the shapes feel more free form than your typical applique. I could draw up a block and plan my pieces or just start with a piece and work out from the middle--completely unplanned. The piecing is like crazy quilting, in a sense. That's how it's described, as a cross between applique and crazy quilting. You can read a bit more about it on Barbara Brackman's blog, Material Culture.

Some inspiration from Flickr:

Thinking About Tile Quilts
1. New pillow with mates
2. Tile quilt
3. Lotus
4. Tile Quilts Class with Diane Rode Schneck
5. tile quilt

I've got my first piece of fabric with a beautiful floral design on it. I'm ready to give it a try! My goal for September with this project is to get started on a tile block.