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Quilty Monday

In January on Monday mornings (and other spare moments) I have been working on a quilt using this pattern from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co., Cracked Pots. I decided to give this quilt a try after several beginning quilting students asked about taking a log cabin quilt class. I am not sure if it will become a class eventually or not, but I really liked this pattern and I'm having a good time working on it.


I decided to use my scraps and I am amazed by how long it took me to cut them up and how many I still have left! :) Revisiting fabrics from other projects has been fun. I'm especially fond of a few blocks with small bits of Peter Rabbit or Paris Cats fabric in them.


This is hanging out on the design wall while I contemplate what colors to use for the first border. It is narrow and the pattern uses red (and cream) quarter square triangles. I am not sure I want red. I am leaning more toward coral. I'll keep staring at it and see what I think. Do you have any suggestions?

While perusing my scraps, I discovered that I have a much wider selection of colors in my quilting than I used to, except I still don't have much red, brown, black or gray. I'd like to have a few more solids. I have a lot of batiks and I love them and want more! I also want more Asian and Japanese style fabrics. I love seeing reproduction fabrics and modern fabrics all mixed together in this project.


I finally got around to making another block on my Lotus tile quilt (top left block). The problem was that I forgot I wasn't following the book instructions exactly, I tried to follow them, and ended up with pieces a bit larger than they are supposed to be. I think it turned out fine anyway, with a few modifications for my mistake. I have to say, this is one of the things I love about hand applique. As long as everything fits okay on the block and doesn't look odd, you don't have to follow the pattern exactly.

What are you working on right now? Thanks for stopping by!


Mary said…
Thank you for posting "Cracked Pots" progress. I am about to start myself. Still cutting. As to colors of the first border, is the coral the color used in your courthouse squares? That would be nice.

Beautiful job so far.


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