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Sewing and a Bit of Quilting

I joined the Potholder Pass 8 swap recently (Last year, I did PP3, they've done quite a few since I last participated!). I joined to swap potholders and a reusable grocery bag. The bags people were making in round 7 were so cute that I couldn't not participate in round 8. I've started working on my projects already.

Flying Geese Potholder Front

For my potholder partner who likes flying geese, bright colors and modern quilting, I am working on a flying geese potholder. I've got a cool print with lemons on it for the backing. I'm not sure if I'll just quilt in the ditch or do something else. I'm going to think about it a bit. The other potholder (we need to make a pair) will be square in a square blocks with white in the center square and rainbow colors as the corner triangles (I think). For both potholders I want to use metal grommets or eyelets this time instead of a hanging tab.

Easy as Pie bag

My partner also likes linen so I thought I'd make her a little something extra--a bag. I've been wanting to work through my bag book, The Bag Making Bible, so I started with the easiest bag and added a lining to it. Not surprisingly, linen can be a bit challenging to sew with! Zigzagging the edges of a stretchy shifting fabric=frustrating.

Jane Market Bag

As I mentioned, I'm also swapping reusable grocery bags. I decided to make the Jane Market Bag by Alicia Paulson because every review of the pattern was so glowing, and the bag is super cute. I can concur that it is a great pattern with clear instructions and it's a pretty fast bag to make. I enjoyed this a lot and will be making more. I decided to use a featherweight fusible interfacing on the sides (the blue floral) to give the bag a bit more stability.

And a bit of Quilting!

Lotus Tile Quilt Block

I completed another block for my Lotus tile quilt. Five of nine blocks are now done and it finally feels like I'm getting somewhere. My needleturn applique skills still have quite a ways to go (especially when it comes to corners), but I feel like I'm improving.

I've learned that I really need to use a heavy-weight vinyl overlay to help me with piece placement. I tried a clear vinyl shower curtain (I was trying to be cheap) and cutting apart plastic protector sheets but neither of them worked well. I finally broke down and bought a yard of furniture vinyl and it's MUCH better because it is flat and doesn't stretch or shift about as easily.

The One Block Wonder quilt is temporarily on hold until I get these swap projects done. It feels good to be nearing the point of having the sections all pieced together! I'm looking forward to border auditions soon!


nicolette said…
I love all your work, the bags, blocks, potholders. Great taste in fabrics and design!

Lovely to see another tile-quilt in the works!
I still need to finish the quilting and put some photos on my blog.
La Mañosa said…
Hi Nicolette,

Thank you very much!

I love working on the tile quilt--it has been a fun project and I've been improving my hand applique skills in the process. I wish I made progress on it a bit faster but I always work on too many projects at the same time.

I took a look at your tile quilt and it's a beauty! I'm sure whenever you get around to quilting it, it will turn really well. All of your projects are so pretty!

Thanks for commenting!


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