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Caught Up!

Yay! I finished the last four blocks of the Summer Sampler Series quilt along on flickr!

Block 9, Minnesota, Summer Sampler Series

Block 9, Minnesota. I like this block--it went together pretty easily.

Summer Sampler Series Week 3 Completed

Week 3 blocks complete.

Block 10, Evening Star, Summer Sampler Series

Week 4: Monday's block, Block 10, Evening Star. The corner pieces were a little small for the shape on the paper but I didn't realize it until I was far enough along that I didn't want to stop and fix it.

Block 11, Union Squares, Summer Sampler Series

Wednesday's block, Block 11, Union Squares. The original block was a paper-pieced string block. I was tiring of paper piecing and very tired of strings. I looked through one of my books to find something I thought would suit me better. I'm not too sure about all that yellow, but the block itself I really like. I also managed to turn some of the half-square triangles the wrong direction and had to bust out my seam ripper.

Block #12, Kansas Dust Storm, Summer Sampler Series

Friday's block, Block 12, Kansas Dust Storm. I really like this block! Very pretty.

A Happy Family--Summer Sampler Series

Here are all 12 blocks finished! I also went back and fixed the one in the center row, second from the left, which I had pieced incorrectly. The blocks just ran straight up and down like lightning bolts, which, although it is a cool effect, it was really bugging me and it stood out too much.

Sashing and setting auditions are next!


These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the color choices and the overall quilt will certainly be eye catching.

I would love to see your work on SeamedUP - it's a new website for quilters (a la ravelry) and you're work would be SO appreciated there!

Thanks, Allison
(I am a co-founder of SeamedUP - just want to be upfront!)
Joan Curley said…
It's beautiful!!


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