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Summer Sampler Series Week 3 & Houses

If you are like me, you are wondering where July went!

I have two blocks done for the Summer Sampler Series. I couldn't make Friday's block or today's block because my printer ran out of ink and they're both paper pieced. :) So here are Monday and Wednesday of Week 3:

Block 7 Summer Sampler Series

Six Pointed String Block. Heh.

Yes, there are 8 points. I looked at the original and couldn't convince myself to make that many equilateral triangles. I browsed my quilting books and the Internet and finally decided that I'd do a lemoyne star instead. I think I don't like string blocks. I tried making a couple before and it seemed really tedious, even though they look very cool. I've been saving strings and now I'm considering throwing them out.

Block 8 Lucky Pieces for Summer Sampler Series

Lucky Pieces

This one was pretty basic--just half square triangles.

Summer Sampler Series Week 3 End

Progress so far

I also finished two more houses and realized I set myself an absurd goal last week when I declared I would make 5 houses per week. They are really time consuming and I am doing a lot of things at the same time. I should just give myself a break! :)

Houses 5 & 6 of Cracked Pots

Houses 5 & 6 of 20

Have you set any goals for yourself and then realized you were not being realistic?



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