Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Knit and Crochet 2011 Pt 1.

I got really excited about knitting and crocheting decorations for winter/Christmas this year. It was so much fun and got me in the holiday spirit! I think I will have to make it a tradition that I make an ornament of some kind each year.

My first project was Oatmeal the snowman, a pattern by Rachel Borello Carroll. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him! I finished him on Halloween. As you can see, there was snow on Halloween, which I find ironic, as today is a snowless Christmas Day.

I used worsted weight instead of super bulky, so my snowman is probably about 7 inches high.

2011 Christmas Stockings

I had to make more of these (Knitted Mini Christmas Stockings from Little Cotton Rabbits) this year but added bells instead of buttons and tried some different fair isle patterns. My favorite is the heart in the middle--I think I might have to make a few more. Visit my Ravelry Project Page for details on the charts and mods to knit in the round.

Knitted Star

I used a knitted star pattern from Interweave to make an ornament. The color is off-white, though it looks a bit yellow in the photo. I really like stars and will try other patterns in the future. The only thing I disliked in this pattern is that there is a hole in the center.

3 Years of Snowflakes

I'm not sure when I officially finished crocheting these snowflakes, but I began them three years ago and thought I could quick crochet, block and stiffen them before we left to go home for Christmas that year. I was wrong. I made more snowflakes and tried a few different stiffeners until I found one I liked (Stiffy) and hurried to finish blocking them so that I could finally give them to my mom for Christmas this year (she has no idea I've been making them). The snowflakes are from the book 99 Snowflakes.

Ball Up!

I finally got brave enough to try knitting a Christmas ball. I figured that if I could knit tiny stockings, this was probably manageable. This ball was a gift for my friend Joan. The pattern is Balls Up! I used fingering weight yarn, size 1 needles and a 2.5 inch styrofoam ball. I'll definitely make more of these next year!

Christmas Owl Puff

Then I saw the cutest owl ornament in my life knit by Susan on Ravelry using the Owl Puffs pattern. Since Susan was so kind in sharing her modifications to make her version of the Owl Puff, I had to follow them. Yet another thing I will knit more of next year. And wouldn't this be cool as a Halloween ornament, too? Maybe in orange and black?

Stay tuned for the rest of the handmade holiday decor.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh, man, it's been a long time

I am so behind in all the things I want to blog about! I think I'll just work on it bit by bit to catch you up on all the fun projects I've been working on this fall. Fall is by far the busiest time of year for me, so it is hard to find time to knit, crochet, quilt, etc. as much as I'd like and it's even harder to find time to blog about it.

Today I present to you the quilt, Trick or Treat Baskets. I think this may be the only quilt I've finished this year. *blushes*

Trick Or Treat Baskets

I took some great classes on working with diamonds and Y-Seams this summer. The first set of classes focused on the Lemoyne Star and the second set was about subdividing diamonds and making these diamond baskets. The instructor, Barbara Lenox, was fantastic and I had a blast!

basket close-up

I thought it would be fun to use a bit of my small stash of Halloween fabrics and it was! I really love the way the fabrics play together and the prints are awesome. This only makes me want to collect more of them. :)

Trick or Treat Baskets Center Web

This was the first time I made a quilt with blocks on point. I decided to quilt spider webs into the purple setting triangles/square. I drew them out on paper and traced them onto Solvy, which I intended to adhere to the fabric and then I would quilt without marking the fabric. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get the Solvy to adhere. Depending on the setting of my iron, it did nothing or melted. When all else fails, just use pins.

Another Web

I love how this quilt turned out! Thanks to Barbara for the great class and to Cynthia for her sound advice regarding my fabric choices. I finished this the day after Halloween and didn't get to hang it on the wall this year. I'm really looking forward to putting it up next year!