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Happy New Year and What I did in 2011

I'm not going to lie. I did a lot of crafting in 2011 and it was awesome!

A few things escaped photos and blogging, but here is most of what I managed in 2011:


Crochet in 2011

Sewing & Quilting

Sewing & Quilting in 2011


Knitting in 2011

In 2011 I...

Knitted 5 hats
Finished 9 pairs of mittens/fingerless gloves
Made 4 shawls
Sewed 7 bags
Made 10 toys/amigurumi
Finished 10 ornaments
Completed 13 potholders
Finished knitting 2 sweaters
Finished 1 quilt (oops!)

I'm really pleased with what I made and the only thing I would like to change is to make more progress on my quilts because I can feel the weight of so many unfinished projects starting to burden me. I want to try new things but I need to get at least a few quilts done this year.

Next, I'll share my last FO of 2011, a cowl finished on New Year's Eve, and my first new project of 2012: a striped shawl. I've been wanting to start one for months and told myself I had to wait until the New Year. I cast on right away on New Year's Day. :)


What a wonderful Year in Review Misty! Here's to many more to come... Joan
Kara said…
Wow, what a year! Such great projects. Looking forward to 2012.
Kimberly Davis said…
Holy smokes, you were productive Misty. I like the idea of taking pictures of each project as a record. I might need to copy your idea here!
Barb said…
Wow - did you have twice the amount of days in 2011 as the rest of us? Beautiful work. Glad I stopped by for the inspiration and motivation. I'm going to go continue poking around at your stuff.
La Mañosa said…
Kim, the pictures as a record are really helpful and I recommend it. It helps me to see how I am growing, what I focus on and what I am not doing.

Barb, I am starting to wonder that myself. I am not sure how I got all that stuff done, except my house might not be as tidy as it could be. :)


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