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March Photos

Photo A Day Challenge

Mar 16 "Sunglasses"

#marchphotoaday Mar 16 "sunglasses"

Mar 17 "Green"

#marchphotoaday Mar 17 "green"

Mar 18 "A corner of your home"

#marchphotoaday Mar 18 "a corner of your home"

Mar 19 "Funny" (I actually took this one a while ago but it is so perfect. Found on a desk in a classroom I was teaching in. I think we should call it "student desk art". A scene from Finding Nemo)

Mar 20 "Before/After"

#marchphotoaday Mar 20 "before"

#marchphotoaday Mar 20 "after"

The owl is from a crochet along by Ana Paula Rimoli (I love her amigurumi designs). Hopefully, he will have a body soon.



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