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Tank Mania

It seemed like everyone was making the Wiksten Tank on the crafty blogs around the Internet so I decided I would try it, too.  Then I came across the Tiny Pocket Tank and thought it would be fun to try both.

Here are my muslins:

Wiksten Tank, Tiny Pocket Tank

New things are kind of scary and I've never sewn a tank top before.  I was worried how I was going to add bust darts to Wiksten and how I was going to shorten the shoulder the strap length on Tiny Pocket.  I consulted a couple of my sewing books and became completely overwhelmed!  Sewing is hard; how on earth do people learn it from books?  

I had to go lie down and only then did I have my epiphany: I am sewing a couple of tank tops, not a masterpiece.  It is okay if they don't fit perfectly, or as well as some things I might buy in the store.  I am not a seamstress.  Maybe I will never learn how to add darts.  That's fine.  At least it didn't take me as long as it normally does to lighten up. :)

Summer always puts me in the mood to sew and I made this cute little Phone Pouch from Michelle Patterns.  It came together super fast!  I actually put it together the wrong way the first time, but that one turned out fine, so now I have two: one for me and one to gift.  I will be making more for some family and friends for the holidays.
iPhone Pouch2.jpg 

Do you have big plans for summer projects?  I am excited to sew my tank tops with real fabric, sew more bags this summer and work on some UFOs.  I am also in the process of frogging old knitting and crochet projects that didn't turn out the way I wanted or never were nor will be finished.


Kara said…
I do love those Wiksten patterns. Love the tank. I hope that I will be doing Tova soon.


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