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I always admired people who would set knitting goals like 11 sweaters in 2011 or 12 shawls in 2012. I seriously considered the 12 shawls project but was afraid I would get really sick of making shawls and never want to see another one for as long as I live. I think I may have been wrong. (crazy formatting compliments of my iPad) Without trying to, I have already managed a shawl a month. January I started Cladonia on New Year's Day on the way home from Michigan. I had spent months planning the perfect yarns combination and I was so excited to start. This shawl did not disappoint.at.all. You need to knit this. Cladonia 2.jpg Cladonia.jpg Cladonia Lace.jpg Ravelry project info March 198 Yards of Heaven 198 Yards of Heaven. Gift for a very special friend. Ravelry project page April Relaxing Sat morning at Panera Scalene, sorry no good FO photo. For my friend, Atia's graduation with her PhD. Ravelry project page Dory is done! Dory was a sample for a crochet class I taught this summer. Great, fast pattern! I just made a second one for Cynthia and I am thinking of doing a cold-weather version in a wool-silk blend. Ravelry project page May South Bay Shawlette 2 South Bay Shawlette The Southbay Shawlette has long been on my mind and when I thought of this yarn, it seemed like a good fit! Ravelry Project Page Mini Mochi Flower Garden Shawl Side This one is kind of a cheat because I started it two years ago! You can read about it on my crochet blog, Crochet Your Way. June Pendulum Pendulum. Fun knit! My colors bled and I am still in the process of seeing what can be done to fix it. It isn't terrible but it bugs me a bit. Ravelry Project Page So let's just say I am making 12 shawls in 2012! My current project is Terpsichore Street.. I have a beautiful hank of hand-dyed merino cashmere fingering which I bought as a pick me up after going through some rough times lately. I knew I needed cashmere and hand-dyed yarn. Skein yarn was just the thing! Have you accidentally committed to any projects lately? :)


Anonymous said…
Your blog was recommended to me by my SIL down in Fresno, CA. I just finished a shawl pattern called Haruni. Quite the challenge! She told me to check out your shawls. They're beautiful! I've done a 198 yards of heaven but haven't seen any of the other patterns. Keep up the good work.


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