Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Photos

Photo A Day Challenge

Mar 16 "Sunglasses"

#marchphotoaday Mar 16 "sunglasses"

Mar 17 "Green"

#marchphotoaday Mar 17 "green"

Mar 18 "A corner of your home"

#marchphotoaday Mar 18 "a corner of your home"

Mar 19 "Funny" (I actually took this one a while ago but it is so perfect. Found on a desk in a classroom I was teaching in. I think we should call it "student desk art". A scene from Finding Nemo)

Mar 20 "Before/After"

#marchphotoaday Mar 20 "before"

#marchphotoaday Mar 20 "after"

The owl is from a crochet along by Ana Paula Rimoli (I love her amigurumi designs). Hopefully, he will have a body soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It seems whenever I go out of town, I fall off the photo a day challenge bandwagon. Here are some photos from my spring break and getting back to the challenge.

Spring break coffee

Baklava latte at Muggswigz. It had walnut pieces in it!

Lunch at Jasmine

Business Box lunch at Jasmine. I got the Thai Curry. Yum!

Molly the kitty

March 9 "Red"

#marchphotoaday Mar 9 "red"

My Montview Cardigan is coming along! Sometimes it is really nice to knit with aran weight yarn--so fast!

March 10 "Loud"

#marchphotoaday Mar 10 "loud"

I'm trying sock knitting again after I swore it off a few years ago. Love these colors!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge

Feb 27 "something you ate"

#febphotoaday Feb 27 "something you ate"

I love bagels for breakfast, especially Marco Polo bagels from Wegman's.

Feb 28 "money"

#febphotoaday Feb 28 "money"

Feb 29 "something you're listening to"

#febphotoaday Feb 29 "something you're listening to"

I started listening to Craflit about one year ago and it is one of my favorite podcasts! Right now, I listen to Dracula every weekend and work on a challenging cardigan. It helps me through it!

Mar 1 "up"

#marchphotoaday Mar 1 "up"