Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trippy Blocks Nearing Completion

My friend Joan has named this quilt my Trippy Quilt.


As I was working on it, I started debating how large it should be.  I had been thinking of 30 blocks (5 x 6).  Then I thought maybe 5 x 5 and finally I scaled it down to 4 x 5 (48 x 60).  Why?  1. I have a small throw of the same size and it is really great when you just want something small to wrap up in.  2. The other day I organized my unfinished quilts.  There were several.  One thing I am realizing about myself is that I tend to get distracted and start new projects either because I see something else more exciting or I get bogged down at some point in a project and abandon it for a while.  I realized, wouldn't it be better if I finished this project while I was still really enjoying it, rather than continue to make blocks and possibly run out of steam?  Yes!

I've got the last five blocks in progress and I am hoping to get the top sewn together before this coming weekend.  I don't have plans for any fancy quilting on this, since my goal is to get it done and enjoy using it.  Probably some diagonal lines going down the centers of the squares.


Knitten Kaboodle said...

I am loving how this is coming together, especially the play with lights and darks. I'm learning a lot through your process!

Michael5000 said...

I like that it has kind of an anti-winter agenda.