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Quilting and Weaving Along

I have my Scrappy Trip Along top all sewn up!

#scrappytripalong  The top is together! :) 

The backing is pieced and the batting is cut so now I am ready to attempt to mark the top with a quilting design (flower petals, I think) and baste it.  The week is looking pretty busy so I will probably only get the top marked over the next several days.

The thing that has been great about this quilt is that I don't overthink it.  I do spend time thinking about it but I am not allowed to obsess over it.  Two blocks have the same center fabric next to each other?  Oh well! :)

I am taking a class at my LQS, Stitch Your Art Out, called Fearless Improv Block of the Month.  We are learning to design and piece blocks improvisationally.  It comes at just the right time for me in my quilting life, I think.  I want to enjoy quilting more and feel more free to do what I want without making all these rules up about how things have to be and not stressing if things aren't "perfect".  I can get so caught up in how not perfect I think my quilts are that I lose the fun of making them.  I am paying more attention to my thought process so I can change it.  Our fearless leader, Kim, calls the voices in our heads that tell us we can't do things our gremlins.  I am becoming more familiar with mine.

Improv class block 1 rail fence

Our first project was to consider the Rail Fence block. I vaguely thought about it for a couple of weeks. One night, I sat down at my computer and googled rail fence pictures. Then I took my general impression and sketched it (there is a cool app for iPad called Paper). When I got to the stage of actually figuring out how to make my block, I really enjoyed the process of looking at the sketch and thinking how I would cut the fabrics and sew them to recreate it.

Also, there has been weaving.  I can't tell you how much I am loving the weaving.  There is something so mentally stimulating about it.  I made a set of two tea towels from the Craftsy class on weaving with Angela Tong.  This was the second lesson in the class.

Weaving project number 3-- striped cotton tea towels! 

I learned how to stripe my warp and use a warping board.  Somehow, the warp got a bit twisted which made it a pain to run the shuttle through when the reed was in the down position.  I am going to ask about it in the class and see if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

Tea Towels! Done and dusted 

How are your crafting projects going?  Are you confronting any gremlins?



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