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That Weaving Stuff I Mentioned

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had gotten some weaving done late in 2012.  Here is what I worked on:

1st Weaving

Lovely braided Tassels

I purchased the Craftsy class on beginning weaving with Angela Tong.  It was a great class and really helped someone with no idea what she was doing (me!) manage to actually weave something without help.  I wove this too densely I realized after I finished it.  That whole 8 dent reed thing--I didn't understand that the 8 would refer to the threads per inch (oops!).

Yarn: scraps of Ella Rae Classic (blue) and Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed (purple)

My friend Meredith showed me how to use her amazing gizmo: the fringe twister.  Such a simple gadget and amazing at the same time. :)

2nd Weaving 

 This is project #2.  I used sport weight this time instead of worsted.  I paid attention to how many threads per inch I should have.  The two challenges with this scarf were, 1. I made a mistake somewhere and although I allowed for shrinkage--it was still way shorter than I intended.  It is just long enough to still be a scarf for an adult.  2. Somehow the selvedges were really tight compared with the rest of the warp on the loom.  Not sure how I managed that but then I don't really know what I am doing, so I managed it pretty easily. :)

Yarn: Louet Gems Merino Sport (golden yellow) and a sport weight alpaca from my step-sister.  She has an alpaca farm and sends her fiber to a mill to be spun into yarn.  The yarn is a mix of her own animals and those of the other farmers who send their fiber in.

Thanks to Cynthia Spencer for taking great pics of the scarves one Sunday morning.



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