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Committing to Finishing

So I made a declaration to some friends that I wanted to finish several of my quilt UFOs this summer.  By UFO, I mean something that hasn't been touched or worked on in several months/years.  I took photos of all of them that I could find and then I emailed all the photos (12 projects) to my friends.  Then I got really brave and committed to getting four (4) done this summer.  Here they are:

Jelly Roll Race UFO

I made this Jelly Roll Race last summer. I have actually already gotten to work on this one--one more edge to bind and it is all set.  It will be a graduation gift for my niece.

Floral Applique UFO

This little top was finished a couple of years ago. I couldn't decide how to quilt it and whether to hand or machine quilt it. I had just decided on machine quilting it the other day but then realized the design I wanted to do might be easier to do by hand. So this is the next one to work on but I am still contemplating my options.

Summer Sampler QAL UFO

Here is my Summer Sampler quilt. I made the blocks a couple of years ago. I need to decide how I want to lay out the blocks. On point? Maybe. Sashing of some sort? Probably. But simple sashing or some kind of cool cornerstones? Probably cool cornerstones like a pinwheel. But if I put them on point then maybe no sashing.  So yeah, more thinking to do here.  I might consider a border, too.

Lotus Tile Quilt UFO

Here is my Lotus Quilt from the book Tile Quilt Revival.   I need to make 4 more blocks (one I started but didn't finish).  I decided that I am switching to the freezerpaper and starch method instead of needleturn since I can't get the results quite the way I would like them (pieces shift and change size no matter how hard I try nor how carefully I pin).  This is time consuming and I have a bad feeling I won't actually get it done this summer.  Especially because I will probably spend all of July working on fall and spring samples for classes I will teach and a crochet design I am working on.  But maybe this can carry on into fall, if needed.

Wish me luck!

How do you manage your UFOs?  Do you have a system?


Tamara said…
lol.. i manage them by putting them in a box in the closet so i dont have to feel guilty for not finishing them! Ok, maybe thats not managing them... but i find i do get back around to them eventually. I just fell out of love for some reason. I love the last one on your list. Very very pretty!
La Mañosa said…
Ha ha! That was how I was managing them, too, by keeping them in a box. :) I decided to let go of a couple of barely started projects that I wasn't interested in any longer and donate them to a local senior center.

Good luck with your UFOs!


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