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Still kicking around

Wow, this spring semester was so crazy that I felt like I was a grad student all over again and I didn't get much crafting done.  I was grateful for the semester's end!  And what did I do when the semester ended?  I got down to quilting my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.  I started it in January and worked steadily, finishing the top faster than anything since the Jelly Roll Race I made last summer.  It was really therapeutic!

Scrappy Trip Mosaic 

Back at it again!  Let's hope I finish today. 


Ta da! Scrappy Trip Around the World

This quilt was completed just before Memorial Day.  I love how it turned out! The quilting took a lot longer than I expected. I marked a flower petal shape in each square and going around all those curves made for slow going. Also, I was having all kinds of problems with my sewing machine and ended up quilting it with a clear plastic embroidery open toe foot, which worked out great, actually. The biggest problem I had was that my machine was possessed and kept sewing sometimes after I took my foot off the foot control.

I set myself a goal of finishing 4 UFO quilts this summer.  One is nearly completed.  Stay tuned!


Tamara said…
I haven't finished my scrappy trips yet!! yours is beautiful!


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