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In which I finish my 15 Minutes of Play Quilt

At the end of June, I blogged about my process of making a quilt using the techniques in the book 15 Minutes of Play.  This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have had while quilting.  I worked without an overall plan.  I looked at it and sort of just knew what to do next: what pieces to add, the colors I wanted to use and the quilting I wanted to do.  I can't say I have every really worked so completely without a plan, nor have I ever had such a clear sense of what I needed to do after each step was complete.

15 Minutes of Play quilt "Savoring Summer" finished! #15minplay

Something about this quilt is very "me."  It is hard to explain what I mean here, just that I look at it and it somehow expresses something that is essentially who I am.  Some part of it is the whimsy but I think there is more to it than that.  It has been a very cool experience.

I have another 15 Minutes of Play project in progress--a chevron quilt with half square triangles.  One half is blue and the other half is "made fabric" in a different color each row.  This is my progress so far.

I realized I am about to finish another quilt that I never blogged about.  Look for a post on the finished St. Louis 16 Patch coming soon!   


brownie said…
I love it! It has all the colorful energy of the summer and also something mysterious hidden underneath. I like the flowers in the middle and ever changing blues around them. Very cool.
audrey said…
I love your amazing little quilt! Wonderful.:)


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