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Dusting off the cobwebs

Winter.  It was tough!  I didn't want to go anywhere or blog anything.  I just wanted to sit on my couch under a quilt and knit and watch movies.  I did that as much as I could when I wasn't working. :)  Now that things are warming up, my energy and enthusiasm are returning.  Here are some things I managed to do during those chilly months.

I started a Christmas quilt.  Ha!

I made spring decorations.

I played with the app, "Waterlogue."

I made this awesome felt bird.  Snowbirds pattern by mmmcrafts on Etsy.  Very well written!

Went cross-country skiing.  This is playing in the snow for grownups, if you ask me.

I have lots of projects finished and in progress but very few good pictures.  Updates to come!


Blue.Ridge.Girl said…
Looks like you got some good starts and finishes during the cold winter months :o) I'll look forward to seeing your pictures are you get more of them taken!
pam harris said…
Love it ALL! You do great work hiding from the weather under a quilt!! Bird is gorgeous.
La Mañosa said…
Thanks, Debbie! It was good to still make progress on my projects despite the weather. I am looking forward to getting photos of some finished knit and crochet projects soon!

Thanks, Pam! The bird is a favorite of mine, too!


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