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Spring Shifting

As I was eating breakfast this morning the sun rose above the tree tops and shone in my face.  I get very little direct sunlight in my apartment and I can't remember the last time that happened, though I have the faint recollection that it did happen.

I am preparing to cast on for a new spring/summer sweater!

The pattern is Cinnie by Chic Knits (my go to designer for sweater patterns).  I am using Simplicity by Hikoo.  Note the presence of the gauge swatch in the picture below!  I never knit a sweater without checking my gauge.  I got gauge on the recommended needle size (unusual for me) and have the swatch blocking.

 Here is a more accurate photo of the yarn color.

Everything I have made lately has been red or orange.  Winter makes me want to work with very warm colors.  The other reason is that I used to think I couldn't wear orange and I could wear red if it was a blue red.  My friend, Cynthia Spencer, became a Color Me Beautiful consultant this fall and did my colors.  Some of the colors and shades I was wearing were wrong because I thought I was a winter (though I didn't follow those color rules strictly) and I wore cooler colors but I should have been wearing warm colors.  All those years I thought I couldn't wear orange (well, I still shouldn't wear athletic team orange) and it turns out that I look good in orange!  Ha ha!

Color Me Beautiful now has a computer system to help determine which are your best colors. The consultant matches your eye, skin and hair color to color cards, and also uses color drapes (swatches of fabric) to check your season and then puts the info in the computer.  It tells you what type of season you are.  I opted to order my color palette which is a little set of cards with my 40 best colors/shades.

I can't tell you how much easier it is to shop for clothes or yarn now.  The colors of my clothes actually look good together.  I do have a lot of yarn that isn't really in my best colors.  I may sell some of it on eBay and use some of it to play around with in weaving.  At least now I have a good excuse to buy more yarn, right? ;)  The color palette is also good inspiration for quilting.

Speaking of quilting, I joined a Kaffe and Friends block of the month hosted by my LQS.  I am a little behind because I just finished the block for January.  Oops! :)


Blue.Ridge.Girl said…
Probably 20 years ago my mom and I went and had our colors done by Color Me Beautiful...it was so fun. I am a Summer. I still have my little color booklet with the fabric swatches. Fun for you to have your colors done :o)


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