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The Right and the Wrong

Or, the crazy things my mind does to me.

Sometimes fabric becomes too precious.  We try to save it for the perfect project.  I have been thinking about this problem lately as I plan to make a quilt, "Fractured", from Kathy Doughty's book, Making Quilts.  I saw the pattern and instantly thought of a roll of Kaffe Fasset fabric at my local quilt shop.  I thought about that roll of fabric for months and tried to plan one or more fabrics to coordinate with it.  Finally, this month, I bought it!  I envisioned the blue/purple/green Kaffe fabrics with a black and white text print.  It seemed perfect and I was happy.

Last week, I started thinking about Kaffe's style and the organic shapes and worried that maybe the black and white text print would be too edgy or somehow "wrong" for my project.  What if friends who looked at it thought I made a bad choice?  What if my mom didn't like it?  I began to reconsider my choice.  Then another voice in my head told me I should do it just because it was something I felt like doing and who cared what other people thought as long as I liked it?

So I have been feeling a bit stuck.  Not that I can start the project right now anyway--I am still collecting a few more fabrics I need (plus whatever contrasting fabric(s))--but I feel like I can't start this quilt.  My compromise, I think, is to make one or two blocks with some of the fabric I had in mind and see what I think.

Contemplating a combination
The black and white text is so awesome and nonsensical.  It reminds me of magnetic poetry.

If you are ever plagued with doubts about a quilt, do you worry that a particular person will dislike it?  Do you have problems with the preciousness of fabrics or can you just cut right into them without concern?


Blue.Ridge.Girl said…
Wow Misty...as soon as I saw the text print with the Kaffe fabric I thought "Wow! Those look great together...such nice contrast!" Then I read what you wrote. You get my vote to go for it! I think they are a brilliant combination. And the contrast between the "look" of the two fabrics really goes with the name Fractured.
Cari said…
Yeah, I definitely doubt my choices sometimes. Your plan of making a few test blocks sounds really smart to me.
Suzann Thompson said…
Your photo shows a big piece of the wordy fabric and just little slivers of the Kaffe fabrics. Maybe if you saw them in more equal proportions you would feel differently about the project.

Could you make a tiny sample block? Just to see what they will look like together?

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